Lincs Paranormal Research Team



On this site you will find basic information about the Lincolnshire Paranormal Research Team and what we do.

Over time the site will grow as we add more information to it. For the moment it is here for you to learn more about us and also give you the chance to contact us if you feel the need to.

We will be including photos of 'investigation' sites as well as quick reports from those places, plus anything interesting we may find there (if anything) - this could be photos, short video clips, audio clips and whatever else we manage to bring back with us. If we get any decent evidence, we will have that on the site but we won't tell you what we think is on it, that'll be where you come in. All too often you can visit a site, see a picture or listen to an audio clip and you've already been told where to look or what to listen out for - thereby planting the suggestion in your mind so you only see or hear what you're being told to. We'd prefer you to look and listen and tell us what you think is on the images or audio, then if you decide to contact us we will then tell you if we've reached the same conclusion.

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Do You Need Help?

You may have come here because you suspect your home or workplace to have some strange things going on - what do you do? First of all we'd ask you to contact us about it, we will then get back in touch with you to ask a few simple questions. We may arrange a meeting if we feel there are grounds for this and if you want to take it further we will arrange to come in and have a look for ourselves - this may take more than one visit but it will always be at your convenience. Any correspondence etc between yourself and the team will be strictly confidential, you will have the option to allow us to publish any findings on this site after we've completed our stay, or if you prefer for it to remain private, then no-one will ever know we've visited - we guarantee that.

We will also strive to keep in touch with you after completion to make sure you're completely happy with everything, and if in the future you require us again, we'll be available.

We have full Public Liability Insurance cover and also adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


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This applies to any media or internet site gain permission to use any of the images, text or audio that may be placed here, please use the contact form.

We also request that you don't link to any images or audio, but obviously feel free to link to this site as a whole, thankyou. : )

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