Lincs Paranormal Research Team


About us...

The Lincs Paranormal Research Team was founded in 2003. During this period we have spent time in locations around Lincolnshire and further afield in the UK, our aim isn't to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts, hauntings or paranormal activity - we are merely here to gather any information towards furthering our research.

As a collective we are objective in our approach to everything we set out to achieve, the moment you allow yourselves to let your own beliefs taint the research, you might as well give up as you're not doing your job. We will remain open minded on most things.

There are more details on us individually below and you can find out a few bits more in the FAQs section.


Serena is originally from Scunthorpe and studied Art & Design at University in Birmingham before training to be a teacher. She then spent the best part of the next 14 years working and living in Greece before returning to the UK in 2010. Work then brought her to Lincoln which has always been one of her favourite cities due to its history, folklore & legends.

Serena's interests include painting, writing (teen paranormal novels), crafts, Nature, animals and of course all subjects under the umbrella of the paranormal.

"I have been interested in unexplained phenomena for as long as I can remember, having come from a family who shared their own experiences freely to us kids. As I have grown older, to only read about it and listen to stories, isn't enough for me. I consider research and understanding of things beyond scientific explanation to be extremely important as we as Humans strive to become more evolved and respectful of the world we live in."

"Although as an artist my imagination and inner child often take over, I try to be objective and rational about potential paranormal occurrences, after all it's a search for the truth about life and death and what lies beyond!

That's why involvement in the group is important to me. It's a quest for answers to our most prolific questions."


Clare is originally from Yorkshire but moved to Lincolnshire when she was just 8 years old, she left education with a pocketful of diplomas in computing. She first worked in a pub before running that same pub for the next 8 years and then moved into pharmacy work.

Her interest in the paranormal started at an early age, "I got interested in the paranormal at about the age of 6, after seeing what I believe to be my first ghost. I was totally fascinated and from then on read as many books as I could on the subject. I then spent my older years looking around haunted or spooky places, moving onto travelling around old airfields in Lincolnshire before joining the group". "I am a total believer in the paranormal, just not in what the eye always sees or what the brain interprets. I do need to have a reasonable amount of evidence before I am willing to believe in something being paranormal though"

Clare joined the team in 2004, she's hoping that being in the group will answer the questions that keep cropping up. "Hopefully I'll gain more knowledge about the subject, as well as what goes through other peoples minds when they feel as if something paranormal is happening.Clare hasn't come across anything that could be considered to be concrete proof of the paranormal but has had a couple of unexplainable events happen. Being in the group hasn't really changed her thoughts on the paranormal or her beliefs at all.


Kelly comes from Nottingham originally but moved to Lincolnshire at around 9 years of age. In her late teens she moved back to Nottingham and has lived in many places around the UK. Kelly has an interest in music which led to studying Music Industry Skills in Nottingham where she spent some time on the local punk scene and made lots of friends throughout Europe and further afield. The next move for Kelly was to Birmingham where she lived and worked for a number of years and then, after meeting her son's father, she moved to Surrey as an army wife where her son was born. Following a divorce she came back to Lincolnshire to enjoy a life in the countryside with her son Charlie.

Kelly likes to read, especially about music and different social scenes but also enjoys delving into history and visiting historic places. Kelly is interested in cinema and enjoys cult films, especially horror. Kelly has an interest in psychology and crime and watches a lot of documentaries. "I love music of all genres but love the 1960's and punk of the late 70's and 80's"

"I have had an interest in the paranormal since I was a very young girl. I cannot put my finger on one particular thing that sparked my interest but I believe it may have been discussions among friends about unexplained experiences. From there my interest developed and I began to read a lot about the subject. I am a believer based on my own personal experiences and the testimony of people I know well. However, I am always sceptical about reported ghost sightings or 'hauntings' until I find myself in a position where I can judge based on the evidence gathered. I approach the subject of ghosts with caution but love to hear people's experiences. I am sometimes disappointed when they are de-bunked but understand how important it is to do so wherever possible."

Kelly now lives in an historic market town called Horncastle and is very happy to be settled in Lincolnshire where there is so much history and so many interesting buildings. "I enjoy spending time with my son, my friends and family and having days out - or just relaxing at home."


Garry lives in Lincoln and spent many years travelling up and down the country with various bands that he was in, "I've been in loads of bands and worked with some top musicians through the years, it's been hell!"

He has been self employed twice and now works in partnership with Lincs County Council. Again, he got interested in the paranormal at an early age, "I've always had an interest in the paranormal subject for as long as I can remember and hearing stories from family and friends made me even more interested in finding out what was really happening. It's one of those subjects that intrigues a lot of people and I'm no different in that respect" "I'm a fence sitter where this subject is concerned, something is going on but whether or not it's the dead causing these things to happen is debatable. I do lean towards the idea that 'ghosts' are recordings from the past, how these recordings are made etc is another thing up for debate but it would explain why a lot of unconnected people see the same things happening in certain places at different times. I also think that a lot of times people are left way too open to suggestion and convince themselves that something is what it isn't."

Garry founded the group in 2003 after helping out various other groups and individuals, He hopes to come up with some sort of evidence one way or the other with this group, "If it means debunking things on the way then fair enough. I know we'll always remain honest and will never resort to any fakery or that sort of thing as there'd be no point, we'd only be fooling ourselves in the long run." "I've had a few weird things happen during investigations I've taken part in, but again it's left open to interpretation on whether they really were genuine paranormal happenings or not."

Being in the group has changed his views slightly, "I suppose I'm leaning further and further onto the sceptical side, I'll still remain open minded on it though, as you never day maybe eh?"