Lincs Paranormal Research Team



Q. Are you ghosthunters or ghostbusters?

A. Neither, we look into alleged paranormal activity as reported by various people in various locations. If a place is deemed to be interesting enough we will seek to go in there as many times as possible to collate as much information as we can.

Q. Do you charge for your services?

A. No we don't, we are not in this to gain anything financially. Neither will we usually pay anything to places that ask us to go in either. If places have genuine activity going on they wouldn't need to charge for our services, we are very wary of places that do try this. We will however sometimes donate small amounts from our own pockets for the upkeep of historical places and encourage all to do this.

Q. Are you trying to prove the existence of life after death?

A. Not really, we're looking into any causes of what is deemed to be paranormal activity, if we can find any rational explanations for these occurrences, all well and good - if we can't, we put a question mark near it and keep gathering whatever information we can.

Q. Do you believe in life after death?

A. Some of the group do, others aren't so sure until positive proof is gained. We keep an open mind on this all the same.

Q. Do you hold seances?

A. Not really, we don't sit in a circle holding hands in the old Victorian parlour way. We have tried to get some response from anything that may be there but we don't use the amateur dramatic route, we have found that it doesn't really add anything to the research to shout at spontaneous phenomena anyway...and why should it if we don't know why these things are happening?

Q. Why do you do what you do?

A. That is a very good question! It's an interesting subject and one of the few mysteries left in life. A lot of people over the centuries have reported seeing strange things so it's only fair that people do try and look into the subject for themselves...why not?

Q. Do you involve mediums in your investigations?

A. We tried to but we also found that some run a mile when you tell them that their input is also under investigation. We'd love to have involvement from some mediums who don't actually mind this but not in an investigation setting, to be honest (no offence intended) they just get in the way of the real research.

Q. What is the difference between ghosts and spirits?

A. There's a lot of debate about this. Some say that 'ghosts' are recordings from the past that seem to be on a 'loop mode', that is that at certain times, or to certain people, these recordings will in some way play back very much like a video recorder. Also 'spirits' are said to be the 'active' ones who at times can interact with us.

I'd personally go with the recording idea as a lot of people seem to witness the exact same thing but at differing times, sometimes years apart...but how are they recorded and by what?. Are they really recordings? The more well known cases could be suggestion playing its part but it is an interesting thought all the same. As far as spirits being 'active' goes, there's really no real concrete evidence that they are at all but we will continue trying to gain some.

Q. Isn't what you do dangerous? I've seen on other sites that they say you can let bad spirits out and you need to be protected.

A. Why is it dangerous? Yes some people do say it's dangerous etc and go off on flights of fantasy about guardian spirits etc but where's the proof of this really? I'll hazard a guess that these sites also told you that it should be left to 'professionals' too didn't they? Between you and me, there aren't any professionals in this field really - these people want you to think they have all the answers when in reality they only think they do. It can be dangerous if people believe all the nonsense they're told by these 'all knowing spiritual guides to the Universe' without thinking practically. For instance, how many people get possessed walking round their supermarket every day by these 'bad spirits'? Next, look at how many alleged 'mediums' get 'possessed' while in a so called haunted location - makes you wonder doesn't it? Also 'mediums' are supposed to be tuned in more with their own spirit guides to protect them, so surely it would be expected that us mere 'ungifted' poor scoundrels would be an easier target for the bad spirit gangs to have a go at...wouldn't it? Instead we're told we don't understand if we ask questions and raise rational points like the above. Imagination is a very powerful thing isn't it? As for protection, we wear boots! We also make sure we are aware of any Health & Safety Issues.

Q. Do you use Ouija boards or 'table tilting' in your investigations?

A. No we don't, anything that has peoples hands or fingers on them can be open to fakery or unconcious movements. The argument that spirit needs you to have hands or fingers on things doesn't really make rational sense does it? We're told that spirit uses our combined energies to move things through the use of our bodies...but we're also told they can slam doors etc without that, so why the need for our physical touch? We'd rather have real evidence that doesn't involve any physical manipulation from ourselves, otherwise there is no valid evidence at all if you think about it.

Q. I'm from a tv production company and would like to feature you in a future programme, are you interested?

A. No thank you, we're not interested in sensationalistic broadcasting, which most tend to be these days.

Q. Have any of your members been possessed?

A. By what? No, none of us have taken to frothing at the mouth and behaving any weirder than we normally yet.

Q. Why isn't this site full of pictures of graveyards and the usual spooky stuff?

A. We want to present ourselves in a more down to Earth light and don't see the need for all that Hallowe'en type stuff.

Q. I bet it's scary doing what you do isn't it?

A. Not really, it's far too interesting to get scared. If something seems to be happening we won't run away as that would go against what we are there for. Most of the time nothing at all happens anyway. It's much more frightening getting the quarterly gas and electric bills! You can sometimes get the odd 'tingle' up the spine but not if you dress warm. It can also get pretty boring when nothing at all happens - which is mainly the case.

Q. I want to join your group, how much do you charge for membership?

A. At the moment we don't charge anything but we do ask that members bring some equipment to the group or will help with the expense of new gear, it can be a costly thing to do and we'd only want people who are serious about doing this sort of thing. If you want to just hang around alleged haunted places to scare yourself then we're not the group for you. If you're seriously seeking answers and are open minded then we may consider taking you on. If you think you already have all the answers either way, again we're not the group for you. We aren't taking on any new members at the moment and we never advertise when we are.

Q. Do you allow members of the public to come and watch you for a small fee?

A. No we don't, for one they'd soon get bored and get in the way of what we do and also we're not into the idea of ripping people off to line our own pockets. There are people out there who will gladly take your money in return for nothing but we'd not encourage you to seek them out at all. We did try one night recently to try and educate people in the 'ups and downs' of what we do but will never do it again.

Q. You must be a bunch of weirdos to do this surely?

A. Yeah maybe but there's weirder things to be doing isn't there? None of us own an anorak though, should we get some?

Q. Everyone knows that ghosts don't exist so you're wasting your time aren't you?

A. Are we? Something is going on so we're not wasting our time if we can help get to the bottom of it all. Can you prove beyond all doubt that 'ghosts' don't exist? We're trying to find out what is really happening to people who experience these 'strange' things.

Q. Do any of you participate in spiritualist circles at all?

A. Nope.

Q. Why haven't you got a forum on your site?

A. Time restraints wouldn't allow us to moderate one properly. Also there are numerous forums on the net for this subject so why dilute that further? You might find some of us having a debate on some of the more serious forums though.

Q. I have taken photographs with orbs on them, would you like to see them?

A. No thank you, we have plenty ourselves but they don't interest us in the slightest to be honest. Despite some protestations from people that they are the 'first stage of spirit manifestation' there's no proof at all that they aren't just airborne particles of some form or another, camera faults or light refraction etc etc. There's plenty of articles about them on the net both for and against them being of paranormal origin so please do a web search and see what you make of it all.

Q. Do you investigate anything else apart from hauntings?

A. We're interested in all sorts of things that can't quite be explained, we'd be interested in anything under the 'psi-research' umbrella so if you have anything of interest, please get in touch.

Q. Why are you sceptical about orbs? Everyone knows they're paranormal you idiots!

A. 'Everyone knows' or some would like to think they are? There's no proof that 'orbs' are anything paranormal at all, too many people waste time with 'orb' pictures when they could be doing something useful instead.

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