Lincs Paranormal Research Team


A sample of investigations

Over the following pages is a small sample of some of the places we've visited since we started. The reports on each visit have been kept short and simple so's not to bore the readers more than anything. In future we will be having a full report page for certain locations if they turn out to be interesting enough. Not every location visited will be here but where we are given the go ahead to publish details, you will find them on these pages. We hope you find something of interest.

Coleby Grange, Lincs

We have made a few visits to this little control tower just down the road from Waddington airbase. Coleby Grange was a fighter station in WWII and you can find the history of the place on the net easily enough.

On the first visit a few strange things happened, We heard what sounded like an irate man shouting at us from the old runway but there was no-one else around apart from the 4 of us - more interesting was the fact that only 3 of us actually heard the sound. Unfortunately we never had any of our recording equipment turned on when this happened so we have nothing to back it up.

Also that night we could hear several thuds coming from inside the building while we were outside, on investigating these sounds we could find nothing there that could've made the sounds - unless it was the structure 'settling' as the night cooled down?

On the 2nd visit nothing happened at all. The story connected to the place is of a man who allegedly sent some pilots to their deaths and he comes back on the anniversary, he is seen looking out from the building and also he can sometimes be heard. Also there are reports of stones being thrown at people who are outside looking at the building.

The control tower is on private farmland and permission is needed to go inside.

Witch & Wardrobe, Lincoln

A fairly disappointing night where nothing really happened.

There are a few stories connected to the place, we were more interested in the account from one of the bar staff of pumps turning on by themselves and ice being thrown.

This is a very old building and has been used for various things over the years including a very popular chip shop, worth a visit if you're in the area - ask the bar staff to show you the old wooden spiral staircase that is close to the bar.

Abbey Hotel, Crowland, Lincs

We stayed the night in this hotel as part of a proposed tv programme that featured 6 different locations using 6 different groups from around the UK.

Nothing much happened during our stay there, some of the group heard what sounded like a cat inside one of the rooms but on asking the owner if there were any cats, she said there wasn't one in the hotel at all but it had been reported before when another group stayed overnight in there. She was suspicious of us and thought we'd read their website, (we never knew where we were going to be until an hour or two before and never looked at any websites beforehand) she didn't seem to believe us but never mind, we can understand her scepticism.

The stories connected to the place are of a man called Henry Girdlestone who made a bet about walking a certain distance in a certain time and also of a woman who was allegedly murdered in one of the rooms. We never found any evidence of either being in there at that time.

Crowland in Sth Lincs is well worth a visit, the locals are friendly and it's a very interesting old place.

George & Dragon, Lincoln

Quite a disappointing night on the whole but still worthwhile doing, nothing happened at all.

One story connected to the place is of a 'green lady' who has been seen walking in one part of the pub and disappearing, she never wanted to introduce herself to us though.

Another nice pub to visit if you're in the area.

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