Lincs Paranormal Research Team


Sun Inn, Saxilby, Lincs

A night was spent in this place but unfortunately nothing really happened. We got fairly excited at one point when the kitchen door started to open by itself but we soon realised this was due to an air vent in the kitchen along with 2 open chimneys in the bar area creating a 'push-pull vacuum' every time the wind picked up outside. This caused the door to swing open and also made the lights above the pool tables swing slightly. On the whole after hearing some accounts from other investigations done previously we were pretty disappointed with our findings, although we may make arrangements to go back at a later date.

The stories connected to this place are well documented and can be found here.


It's a lovely pub well worth a visit and they regularly hold live music there too.

The Woodcocks, Lincoln

We've been into this place 5 times in total but the first time was the most interesting, The Woodcocks was originally cottages that have been transformed into a very nice bar/restaurant, you can still see the layout of the original cottages inside. It also had stables that were owned by Lord Monson of Burton and were used for the Burton Hunt in days gone by. The area is rich in history which the owners have been delving into.

The 2 most interesting things that happened were a 'trigger object' moving (although we've not seen the actual footage of this incident to prove 100% that it moved by itself) and also one of the team felt faint and sick at a spot outside the main gates of the building. (As if he had been given dentist gas..and he's not a 'medium' either!) This spot was confirmed by the owner as being the spot where years previously someone sadly commited suicide by gassing himself in his car.

Quite a lot of stories are connected to this place, apparitions spotted inside and outside of the building, voices heard, things being moved about, constant cold spots etc etc etc.

Well worth a visit if you're in the area, the staff are great and the food and drink is excellent as well.

Roman Bath Inn, York

We spent the night here as part of a proposed TV programme.

The ruins of a Roman bath are underneath the pub and you can have a look at it for yourself for a small fee at the bar.

The only thing that happened that night was a sudden huge temperature drop in one corner of the baths.

The only story connected to the place is of a Roman soldier who was seen briefly years the spot where we witnessed the huge temperature drop.

If you're in York, it's a nice busy pub to visit and it's not too far away from all the tourist areas.

Adam & Eve, Lincoln

Sadly there's nothing to report from our night in here although we did enjoy it quite a lot.

The only stories connected to the place are of figures seen inside the pub but whether these are just stories or not we'll probably never know.

A lovely old pub not too far from the cathedral, good food and drink and definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.

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