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Assembly Rooms, Lincoln

The County Assembly Rooms is used for a lot of different functions and also houses the local Freemasons Lodge. The place has a rich history and the ballroom is an amazing part of the building.

Quite a few interesting things happened that night and we have plans to visit again. The most interesting thing was a crate that seemed to move from one place to another, sadly we never caught it moving on film so can't be 100% certain of anything, we hope to put that right on the next visits.

There are quite a few stories connected to this place, a few figures have been seen including full apparitions, noises have been heard on a regular basis - people talking when no-one is there and things being moved around.

Very much worth a visit when it's open to the public!

We have now visited this location twice - you can read a report by Katy Carmen at the BBC Lincolnshire website by clicking here

Wickenby Airfield, Lincs

Wickenby was a bomber station in WWII and one of the famous people stationed there was Michael Bentine, we have so far spent 1 night in there with plans to go back again.

Quite a few strange things happened there on this occasion, bumps and 'footsteps' were heard from the control room, strange scraping sounds came from the wall, faint morse code sound can be heard on the video footage and one 'lock-off' camera was bumped into while everyone was downstairs. We're not saying they were definite paranormal happenings but it's made us interested enough to go back in there again to see if anything else happens.

There are a few stories connected to this place...shadowy figures walking near the runway, people whistling old songs, airmen spotted smoking cigarettes before vanishing, a pilot who walks into the control room and vanishes upstairs, mechanics running towards where the old hangars used to be and vanishing, and so on.

The control tower also houses a museum which is worth a visit, there are plans underway to move the exhibits (which includes the wreckage of a Lancaster bomber) into a permanent building on the airfield. Donations are always welcome there and the people are very friendly.

A Church, UK

We visited a lovely building that sadly some idiots have taken it into their thick heads to vandalise on a regular basis. Now redundant, the church is a sad hollow building that has seen much better times. Set in the middle of the countryside it's easy to let your imagination run wild in the pitch blackness of night.

We've paid this place a few visits and if it's possible to cuddle a building, this is one in need of one!

A few strange things happened here but at the moment we're keeping them to ourselves until more research is done. Having said that, we do have a 'evp' file which you can download from our 'evidence' page, let us know what you think is on it.

There are countless stories connected with this building and the surrounding area, tales of hooded monks being seen, strange sounds from all around, invisible 'forces' etc etc and also the usual tales of Satanic rituals.

On the subject of those 'Satanic practices' it seems that some genuine stuff happened in the 70s/80s but just recently, because of the stories, teenagers have been going there and adding symbols etc to the church walls and pillars and generally making nuisances of themselves. No 'real' Satanic worship seems to be going on there anymore. (the symbols are very crude and show no knowledge of much at all) The locals are understandably sick of these people going in there causing damage to the church so people are asked not to ask where this church is as you will not be welcome there.

Some points of interest inside the church are a tomb near where the altar was and 2 grave slabs to one side of the inside of the church - the altar tomb is of a vicar. The Knights Templar held land nearby back in the 12th C which may be one of the reasons why these 'devil worshippers' first sought out the church? A myth was created, during the suppression of the Order of the Knights in the 14th Century and alluded to again in Victorian times, about the 'God' Baphomet, who the Templars are alleged to have worshipped in one form or another (more popularly a bearded head), and he was compared to the devil himself, which is a fallacy. (Baphomet is apparently medieval French for Mohammed) The Templars did have relics which they attained whilst in the Holy Land, these have been documented at the time as being the heads of St. Euphemia and St. Ursula. Relics were collected at this time as there was a theory that the Saints Divinity would protect the holders from harm.

We have been asked by The Churches Conservation Trust to remove any references to this church from our website which we do out of respect for this building, Sadly it appears they feel that our research is potentially damaging to their property, as they claim the reports on sites such as ours (paranormal) incite vandalism. All members of LincsPRT abhor any kind of vandalism or disrespect for any historic building, especially buildings which hold a religious or spiritual significance for the community as they were originally intended to be open to all. (I'm sure most people will know which church this is)

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